Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new address on the World Wide Web ...

Being consistent with changing times ... and evolving through time ... which has been the theme of my Blog since Monday Feb 20 2006, I have now migrated to Google .

Being one of the strongest proponents of Google , its technology and vision, I should have been doing this a long time back ... and well ... I indeed had .... its just that i have become a bit too lazy to actually do a "cut over" (As we say as per the standard migration process) , so here .. on the 16th Of August 2008 completely move from O3 at Indiatimes to here ...

My previous posts will remain available at - , though i have not been a prolific writer in any sense of the word , but whatever little bit i write going forward will be here .... till evolution again demands change

Update : 10/05/2009

I found a way to Migrate my earlier posts to Blogger , so all my posts are available here also.

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