Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kumble and the fab 4

If anyone has won more tests single handedly for India ... theres no doubt in my mind it has to be kumble ... for the last 18 odd years this guy who ... for the for the first half of his career fooled batsmen by claiming to be a leg break bowler and then after his shoulder injury actually started to spin the ball both ways when no one expected it would spin .... he has proved beyond doubt he will always be one of the all time greatest cricketers ever to have played for India.

If anyone deserved to be captain of India for the last decade and a half ... based on pure performance and dedication ... again undoubtedly it should have been kumble .... and when it was time to maybe hang his boots ... on a high .... he was crowned "The captain" and given the "fab 4" in his team .... what an irony ... these have been the very guys who over the years overshadowed whatever kumble did .... 1 sachin century in a tame draw was always hailed greater than a match winning 4 wickets by kumble in the final session to win a test .... and today these are the people who themselves will never retire gracefully (will have to be kicked out ) ... and not let the great that Kumble is to go the way he should .....

p.s1 lately if anyone has been winning tests for India is Sehwag without doubt ..... when will sachin , dravid , ganguly , laxman realize their time is over !!
p.s2 I am told that Sachin "refused" to take the responsibility and the Indian Board couldn't find anyone to take the Job after Dravid stepped down ... now was it actually an honor for Kumble or just convenience on the part of the Indian board ?

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