Thursday, April 26, 2007

The return of the Blogger...Evolving Thoughts

You would have noticed that I am back with a bang on my blog after a gud 10 months :D ... now setting the record straight on this it can only be attributed to my current status of employment ... and i'm loving it !!
life has been great over these months .... and learnings ever so , after travelling across probably the most inhospitable places on earth over the last year (atleast of whatever little I hav seen in this short life) and another year of added experience :) ,there has been quite a change in the way I see things .... My initial obsession with doing something to change the way things work here in India have come a full circle , being involved with a lot of "like minded" ppl , seeing the way things work away from home has made me realize that the vast country that India is with all its cultural / regional diversity and the way the political democratic system works here .... there is little that can be done by an individual, and its not attributed the fact that we dont have the will to do it or the ability , it comes from the very fact that coming to a consensual agreement on any issue of national importance in this nation even among the educated elite is near impossible and the fact is everyone seems to be right the way they see things, and if you add to it the aspirations of the larger populace of the vast uneducated India it gets even worse. And trying to do anything you deem correct will only be imposing your school of thought over a vast majority !!
India as such is correctly called a sub continent, it surely cant be one nation with a common culture , a common history and a common vision , and the fact that we still have been able to co exist can only be called an extraordinary achievement of all of us which I would rather controversially attribute to the Hindu way of life which is predominant in our country otherwise ther is no reason we would have been another europe with every state being a nation in its own right.
Now coming to the larger question , what is our future ?? I belive the media and and the Information revolution in the decades to come willl play a huge role in either integrating India into a common culture or on the other side if it gets a bit irresponsible ... might as well lead to a disintegration .... as both these forces do exist .. it will depend on which one is flashed across .... common national achievements in the world stage will play an important part .... Judicial activism as they call it is the first impact the media has been able to achieve ... and its a positive start , for any society forceful control is the precursor to creating a general positive cultural control ... and the judiciary has a role toplay here ..and to keep it in check ... it comes back to the media to exert the correct kind of pressure ...
But again coming to the first point made .... the real challenge will be actually coming to consensual agreements of major issues which plague our country and with so many perspectives thru which any issue can be viewed will make it ever so difficult .... but then again we have been moving ahead for the last 60 yrs even though very slowly there should not be any reason why it wont continue ...

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