Thursday, April 26, 2007

Climate Change - the Inevitable

There has been a lot of debate recently about how Human activity has led to a dramatic change in world climate and how such changes ... being irreversible will forever change things for the worse ..
Now whether this change is for the better or for the worse ... is maybe debatable , what is not is that change is inevitable !! .... had it not been for such changes dinosours wouldnt have gone and probably we as Homo Sapiens wouldnt have evolved ... for dinosours change was for the worse ... for humans maybe for the better. Change is something that will happen ... whether we as Humans contribute or not is a different story .... There is a lot of talk about the legacy we will be leaving for our children and future generations ... I just dont understand this when we all know that our planet earth is doomed by astronomical facts ... so if that end comes a few generations earlier or later shouldnt concern us all that much...
For me the best possible legacy we can leave to future generations can only be scientic research and development through which hopefully we can reach a stage where inhabiting space becomes a possibility and for that if u need too pump in all the more CFCs or CO2 ... so be it , and if we cant do that .. we should live life the best we can and enjoy it till it lasts .. slowing down indutrial growth and technology innovation just to preserve the climate for a few more years really doesnt help.
My firm belief is ... as we have evolved over generations ... our future generations will also evolve .... and adapt to the climatic conditions they face at their time ...if they cant as darwin said they will and should perish.
And finally the ultimate fact remains unless we move out from our planet ... our days our numbered!!

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