Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rang de ... Provoking thought

.... yesterdays post was just an attempt to get myself pumped up to take the plunge :-) , so here I am starting off as a blogger today .

ok so whts on my mind ... just cant get myself out of the impact that this movie Rang De Basanti had which i happened to watch this weekend ..... though i am no movie buff and am sure you wont see me writing about movies very often , i did actually watch this movie .... now you can call this peer pressure :-) ... all friends were like ... “dude thsi is a must watch“ ..... it so happened that i got hold of a friend of mine and dashed off on my bike to the theatre .... HOUSE FULL .... this was saturday around 1500 hrs ... that wasnt a problem .... there are only “somethings that money cant buy” for every thing else there is “master card“ .... but here there was something that money could buy but only hard cash ... by now u ppl know that i bought the ticket in black .... 100 ka 150 ... big deal I earn enough to afford that ..... it was only after watching the movie i did realize wht I had done .....I felt like kicking myself ... the least I could hv done for my country was not to encourage these black marketeers .

before getting into details about what I feel abt the movie in general and the issue apecifically .. let me tell u what has provoked me to write today ... I was just surfing the net when i just came across an article/reveiw from a sagarika ghose on ibnlive.com , she didnt take more than a few paras to tear apart this movie in shreds ..... isnt it surprising how these critics esplly the media so conveniently ignore things abt a movie that dont fit in to their overall analysis ....there was a comparison between Rang De and sholay in which she says that sholay was more real ..... as if jai and veeru in real life with two 303's can fight and finish off Gabbar's army ??? if that is probable I guess what is depicted in Rang De is even more ....agreed that towards the end the movie had become melodramatic and u dont expect such things in reality as of now, but the fact that the movie is a hit shows how much the youth of today relate to it ... as big an enemy britishers were b4 independence ... today corruption and these currupt leaders are no less .... and relating to the hero's of that time is not wrong in the given context .... then also we had Gandhi .... as were Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat singh ....then also there were different schools of thought ..... different ways to achieve a common goal .

If u look in todays context tell me one high profile politician ever to be convicted in any court of law on any charge ..., be it Narsimha Rao , Rajiv Gandhi , George Fernandes and the list can ggo on and on ..... or even sons of MP's like our Manu Sharma, son of former Union Minister Vinod Sharma who so convinietly gunned down Jessica in a crowded bar ... and is acquitted today after a trial that went for more than 7 years ... during that period ....a few witnesses hav met their natural death ... maybe a few unnatural ... and others wud hav turned hostile .... isnt it as simple as that ?? We have state ministers in India shouting at the top of their voice asking for the head of the danish cartoonost and no one moves (This one has got to me ... be prepared for my outburst on this maybe sometime later) ?? Also in cases when in a rarest of rare case high profile person is actually convicted (read salman khan) ppl blame the media for it....blame it on communalism ..... this is not done !!!!!!! and believe me wont be tolerated for long ...... it is just one spark that is needs to ignite this volcano building up in most of us .......

What I mean by saying all this is that though as of today I dont believe in the ways as shown in Rang de ...nor does the end of the movie inspire anything like that ... but the angst shown is very true .... the message very loud and clear ... if our judiciary doesnt improve, the day is not far when u will c that actually happening ..... I as a youngster of India hail the movie as really thought provoking .....and I wont accept any blame if some day I take up the Gun ............but to think big u need to start with a small step and I start off with a pledge that Rang De Basanti was the last movie I saw in Black

..... and I give the Indian Judiciary and administration some time to get its act together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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