Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 years Since .. another time another day ...another Blast

A couple of years ago, i was pretty much in a similar setup as I am today, away from home, alone, with nothing much to do. Then something had happened which made me write this -
Survival ... The Basic Instinct , that was an expression of angst i felt following the orchestrated blasts on the Mumbai locals, within a span of 11 minutes a series of explosions led to the death of 200 innocent fellow Indians along with 700 odd injured many of them probably disabled for life. I had talked about a kind of Inertia that i felt had set in, in our response to such acts of mindless terror and hoped our basic survival instincts will make us rise from that slumber and bring about a change.

More than 2 years and numerous similar incidents later i only find my angst being replaced by helplessness, it is amazing to look back and see myself react over every such incident whether be it Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi .... its almost become a routine, you hear about the incident, call up family and friends in that city, check if alls well, express your angst on this , talk, debate , discuss over and over again forget the incident in a weeks time ... maybe a fortnight and repeat the same when the next time terror strikes. This time it was Delhi ... my city but thankfully "My" people were all safe and sound who cares about the 22 others who lost their lives to another dastardly act of senseless violence.

The problem i see today is that we in India don't value human life as much as people across the world do, big deal if a few hundreds get killed out of a billion plus ... thats the attitude i see across the socio political spectrum in India , be it the common man , the politician or the government.

Today Human rights are more important than Human life. Teesta Setalvad is more important than Inspector M C Sharma, the home minister of our country says "action will be taken against the culprits as per the law" and tries to ensure there arent any laws in the first place. The prime minister of the country doesnt say anything and soniaji visits the hospitals and "condemns" the blast. Mr Rajdeep Sardesai (among the top journalists in India) says "laws are not detterents" and "laws not required, as crminals will still go ahead and commit crime" and conveniently forgets that inspite of convictions under the laws of the land the convicted is still being saved the gallows by our political and 'activist' class .. Our security agencies with 302 rifles and a khakhi half sleeve shirt are expected to ambush militants with AK47s and bullet proof jackets, And obviously arent given the luxury of being pro active in nabbing doubtful elements in the society as it might upset a few Human(Terrorists) Rights Activists

Is there hope ? i really dont have an answer , we are where we were 2 years ago, maybe in an even worse condition today .... that external force, probably hasn't been strong yet to get us out of our inertia ... but till when can things be the way they are ... when will we start valuing human life ... only time will tell ... as of now .. today ... i feel just a sense of helplessness !!

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